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Since Last We Spoke 6-1-15

This has been a pretty fantastic weekend–I’m back in the CLE with my family, celebrating my birthday, which is today, and also the girlchild’s 8th grade graduation, also today. She is getting her school’s leadership award, for which we are all terribly proud, and there has been a great deal of merry-making all the way around. I’m feeling profoundly grateful (and tired). Before I head home (and then get back on the road for the next two weeks), here’s a little of what has caught my eye since last we spoke:

Sasha had the opportunity to meet him in Iraq, a fellow JAG, and our hearts hurt for the VP and his family

His notable work extended to our work, too

Why do these things never really fail to surprise?

Be a savvy science reader

My state’s plan to fight campus sexual assault


For. Real.

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