Sexual Assault

Since Last We Spoke, 6-22-15

So, surge protectors–they’re a good idea. Because if you don’t have them, then when a giant storm rolls through your neighborhood, the one set of devices in your household not plugged into them (read: modem and router) end up frying and you are left with an expensive replacement tab and no internet for most of the weekend. Lesson learned. Obviously I was unplugged for a great deal of the weekend and not by choice. When I was finally back online most of what I was reading  either had to do with last week’s evil in Charleston or the SCOTUS decision my household is eagerly awaiting. Here’s a sample of what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

One of my favorite pieces on this issue

Healing a city

We can’t just wait out racism

Can’t wait to listen to this podcast

Like you own the room…great advice

Waiting to see how Justice Kennedy decides

Excellent work

Good on Google

Very interested in reading this, for multiple (obvious) reasons

Ah, slut-shaming at its finest

{add: No news today from SCOTUS. Now we wait for Thursday or next Monday. Sigh.}