“…Be a contributor in any form…”

It wasn’t my intention that this week’s posts would all end up being reading posts, but so far that’s just how it’s unfolding. I ran across this blog post during a bit of insomnia, however, and couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect it was. 


If you’ve never read Presentation Zen, I recommend it; it’s one of several books I’ve enjoyed on the topic of effective presenting. I also regularly read the author’s blog. In his most recent post, he discusses how contribution is key; that it’s not so much about being the superstar in your field, but actually sharing with others that really speaks to accomplishment:

“It does not matter what your job is or what your dreams are. It matters not if your goals are big or small. It does not matter if you are the best at what you do or are just starting out. In the moment it only matters that you are fully present and sharing, or teaching, or collaborating in the spirit of contribution. This is the key to making a difference, no matter how small, day in and day out.”

This is so true.

Read the full post here.