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Since Last We Spoke, 6-29-15

It was quite the festive weekend for us, as you might imagine. And although the weather wasn’t wholly conducive to the mood, yesterday was cool and sunny and perfect for celebrating with family and friends. I couldn’t keep myself off the Interwebs, though, what with all of the coverage of the Supreme Court’s decision and the resulting reactions from around the globe. Many lovely notes from so many of you, too, so thanks for that. It wasn’t all marriage equality in my feed (although there was quite a bit). Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke

Justice Kennedy’s legacy is pretty clear

All of this made me smile

I was so moved, watching this

Seen this piece on consent in a lot of your feeds

Cute animated mice and meditation, perfectly explained

A follow-up to a haunting piece I posted recently

Stop apologizing

Grammar nerds, here’s a head-scratcher

True artistry

Nothing about this eases my discomfort with the death penalty

Great piece dispelling myths about child sex abuse

Radical: Let’s celebrate nurses by reigning in patient satisfaction