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Since Last We Spoke, 7-6-15

I’m heading out later today for one of my favorite courses of the year–our testimony course at the NAC. It’ll be a packed week, but it’s always great getting to spend such intensive time with colleagues on a topic I absolutely love. It should also be a good way to recharge my battery a bit, too. Hopefully those of you here in the US had a relaxing holiday weekend (capped by a fantastic win by the US Women’s team–what a game!). I enjoyed my downtime, but was still online in the evenings, so here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

When was the last time you did Myers Briggs? Believe it or not, I never had, and it was fascinating (I’m an INFJ, the rarest personality type apparently).

Some good rules for working from home

I complain about this constantly

Sexual assault in rural America and its portrayal in OITNB (spoiler alerts)

A call for reforming sex offender registries

So much of her story is the story of many of our patients

Can racism cause PTSD?

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Screen addiction is taking its toll on kids (surprise)

Work-life balance is seasonal

Are mass shootings contagious?