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Reader Poll: Toluidine Blue Dye

Apologies for missing my usual Since Last We Spoke post this week. No good excuse except, you know–busy. I’m running off to Waco Texas to do exactly for the Army JAG Corps what I did for the Air Force JAG Corps last week (except on a slightly larger scale), so I’m dashing this off from DCA before I make the slog across the country. If you would indulge me, though, we had an interesting conversation a couple weeks ago at the NAC and I’ve been meaning to ask readers about clinical practice. So click through for my question:

The question relates to the use of toluidine blue dye, specifically the reason you use it. Understanding that there isn’t a wrong answer here, would you take the quick poll below? It would help with a future conversation (and maybe publication) on this topic:


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For the above poll, I wish we could have chosen two answers because I use TB dye for both identifying an injury and to highlight and injury I’ve already identified. Injuries that I see do not always show up in a picture very well without the TB dye – so I use it to show the injury or numerous small injuries.


I cannot get the poll to work. When I click on my answer it spins and spins but accepts my response.


Not sure why. I haven’t heard other people have issue using the poll application. Try again later or from a different device (mobile vs. laptop vs. iPad).


Once I have identified an injury and photo documented it, there is no need to use the dye. The reuptake in some instances show areas that are not considered injuries and may cause issues with peer review and legal. It is hard to remove in some circumstances. The clients complain that it burns… Do no more harm is my motto

I have not had much issues with burning, but had I not used it even with prior identified injuries, I would have missed other injuries near by that were superficial and not easily seen. It wipes off the healthy tissue better when wiped off within about 30 seconds or so.

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