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Since Last We Spoke, 8-3-15

How is it August already? Hard to believe my sweet kid heads back to (high) school in less than 2 weeks and the summer is winding down. It was pretty quiet around DC this weekend, and I spent a bit of time playing catch up. There’s still more to read, but here’s what caught my eye thus far, since last we spoke:

What you need to know about working remotely (it’s pretty spot-on)

Spotting trafficking victims at airports

Maybe you should stop taking notes on your laptop

A difficult story to read

More reasons for exploring telemedicine

I may have to try some of these

“This is the best thing that will ever happen to me. I just don’t know why yet.”

How to live wisely

I have serious RBF, so all of this was fascinating (especially how gendered this is)

Are women who stay with violent men codependent? (thanks, JPW)

I have witnessed various permutations of this when I fly

Wow, what a great mom (and undoubtedly, pediatrician, too)

Late add, but seriously, this.