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Since Last We Spoke, 8-10-15

August is such an odd month, full of transition. Getting the kid back to school, thinking about my own transition as I begin wrapping up this gig (what’s next? being my very favorite question, and a seriously legit one for me right now), making some decisions about how and where I want to spend my time and resources. Plus the wife is in her own fancy-pants new job, so we’ve got a new routine to get used to around our house. Never boring. We laid pretty low this weekend: took care of our people, fed some folks, perused the interwebs, the usual. Here’s what I was checking out since last we spoke:

How I will probably make decisions about work from now on

Well this had me choked up a bit

Never been my problem

How are you delivering feedback?

Teens, technology and friendship

As both a women’s health NP and a forensic nurse, I think this is awesome

APA takes a stand on interrogations

Appreciation is a better motivator than money in the workplace

We may be wrong about hospital “frequent fliers”

“It would appear that basically everyone is sexting at this point”

I was in the ER Friday night with a close friend. This is so true.

Now this is a fabulous read

Not surprisingly, budget cuts reduce resource options for our patients

And finally, for your viewing pleasure (there’s so much good stuff packed into their PSA)…


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