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Since Last We Spoke, 8-17-15

I’m at Ft Sam Houston this week, so it’ll be a long one for me. I’ll be packing a lot into my time on the road, but I’ll try and keep posts pretty regular. It felt like there was a lot of interesting stuff to read this weekend, and I spent my flight perusing articles I’d set aside–they pretty much carried me through my 3 hours of travel. I’m certain my nosy seatmate was delighted/horrified at my reading choices (more reason for not working on planes). Click through to see what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Not just a HIPAA violation, but a crime

Understanding self-injury

What science can tel us about bad science

The horror we’re hearing about ISIS and their concerted use of sexual violence

Fascinating op-ed about the economics of stripping

Why men kill women is not a mystery

First-person account of same-sex sexual assault

HIV, then and now

Keeping the secret

How I want sportswriters to write about rape

NEJM condemns the attacks on Planned Parenthood, because science

Remembering a champion of equal rights

All of this was inspiring to me

Finally, in case you need a laugh: what happens if I don’t take my cell phone out right now?