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Since Last We Spoke, 8-24-15

After a terrific course in San Antonio last week it’s good to get back to the office and get my in-box in order, attempt to get a handle on new projects, and geek out on data waiting for review. It was an unusually social weekend for me (once I made it back from Texas, that is), so it wasn’t until later Sunday evening that I even found time to catch up on what was circulating on the interwebs. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

When do you believe a study?

Fantastic reporting on sexual assault at Baylor (and the subsequent results of the trial)

So-called pink viagra is all over the news this week. Best arguments against its use as found in the popular news media: herealso.

Holding a grudge is not doing you any favors

More on why we need to change the culture of busy

#No SuchThingAsDelete (Actual title of a talk I’m giving next month, BTW)

I suppose this was inevitable

Navigating healthcare when you’re trans

First person: emotional abuse

So proud of these two

Why we’re still pretty unclear about this issue [still]

Finally, a powerful StoryCorps. I love their work:


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