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Since Last We Spoke 10-19-15

My best friend was in town this weekend, so it was a non-stop food fest, and a chance to play tourist in my own city. I was back online last night, though, after a day working on a rather chewy writing project for a 3-letter government agency. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

“Reading the limited confession of another young woman, 10 years later, I finally processed my own trauma: It was not my fault, because it wasn’t her fault either.”

Brilliant and sad and so true

My new time suck

How neglect impacts the brains of children

A letter from one mother to another

Really enjoyed this beautifully written piece

Some very smart advice on criticism from writer Elizabeth Gilbert (applies to non-writers, as well)

Speaking of writing–how a ritual can lead to success

Fascinating take on the sexy halloween costume

How your refusal to take vacations is impacting your kids

Small glimmers of progress?

And finally, when I am in need of ways to procrastinate, you can be certain I will be trying these out