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Since Last We Spoke, Forensic Nurses Week 2015

FNWeek300x250Happy Forensic Nurses Week to all of us! It feels like a particularly busy one, what with multiple deadlines looming. I’d love to hear how folks are commemorating the week, though–especially if there are some creative celebrations in the works. Don’t have anything planned yet? There’s still time–IAFN has a planning guide (PDF) to help you out.

It was a Reserve weekend in our household, which meant a work weekend for me. I procrastinated a bit, though, on the interwebs. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

To be interesting, you need to be interested

The whitewashed landscape of American media is so often absent of the faces of people of color…”

My friend Diane’s super smart letter to the Editor about the Crime Victims Fund (and the far-less-smart original columnslush fund, really?)

Why do we always have a nursing shortage?

Is this what it means to be a woman in 2015? (NSFW)

Is this what it means to be battered in 2015?

Public-private partnerships at work in Detroit

What kind of stupid are we talking about?

Good on Adidas….

Sustaining a life of social justice is hard work

Oh, Houston, you break my heart.