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Since Last We Spoke, 11-30-15

Another Monday post, another weekend spent reading about a senseless mass shooting in this country. It’s beyond appalling, and when it targets a women’s health clinic it feels all the more personal. There’s not much I can say that hasn’t already been said here in countless other posts; what was an otherwise lovely and peaceful Thanksgiving holiday was quickly overshadowed by incomprehensible violence and some significantly tone deaf (or outright unreal) political responses. What else can I say this morning but here’s what I’ve been reading since last we spoke:

So many of these mass shooters have DV and sexual violence in their pasts

Related (and worth the repost, because This. Keeps. Happening.)

How I became afraid

Is med school a breeding ground for burnout?

Also does the way you relate to patients impact burnout? (PDF)

Canadian study finds men who kill their partners get lighter sentences

A pretty impactful protest against domestic violence funding cuts

If you’re in the DC area on 7 December, consider coming out and supporting the Quilt Walk for Justice (even if you’re not, read about the case here)

Listening to students 

Please, a little funny this morning

You know how much I love StoryCorps. This animation is magical:

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LOVE the Story Corp short. So wonderful! Thanks for sharing Jen and Happy Thanksgiving despite the harsh realities of the week-end.

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