The Truth About Hymens and Sex

It’s been a long week, right? How could I possibly resist?

The Truth About Hymens And Sex

"The Truth About Hymens And Sex" – Watch Adam Ruins Everything Tuesdays at 10pm, on truTV!

Posted by CollegeHumor on Monday, December 7, 2015

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Overall a pretty simplistic and interesting explanation to two faux(?) idiots. It does continue to propagate myths with the comment about hymens can be torn or broken doing splits! Hello! Wrong. They should have used a scrunchie!

Well, if this was a healthcare organization putting out this video I might be more upset, but given that this is a pop culture video that’s had almost 7 million views, I think they do a pretty good job of dismantling many of the major myths. I’d say give them a B+, appreciate the fact they they are doing a lot to spread improved information about this widely misunderstood area of anatomy, and enjoy the video for what it is 🙂

I loved it for what it was, it’s intended audience. It was humorous enough to hold the viewers’ attention (and cracked me up!). I don’t think we should expect ‘perfection’, as I don’t see this as intended for forensic nursing training purposes – although I might share it with some of my attorneys to help dispel myths.
Over all, it was a great production!

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