Happy 7th Anniversary, FHO!


Today FHO celebrates 7 years, which continues to amaze me. 2016 should be a big year for the site–we will FINALLY be doing the major overhaul to the look, feel, and flow of FHO (work begins on that this quarter). The plan is to move it from a blog format, as it has been all these years, to a more fully functioning website, regardless of whether it’s viewed on your phone, tablet or computer. There will still be regular posts, but there will also be more easily accessible content in the library, as well as a few other goodies in the works.

As always, thank you for continuing to make FHO a regular stop in your online travels, and for being a generally fantastic group of readers. Looking forward to what’s ahead for 2016!

7 replies on “Happy 7th Anniversary, FHO!”

Happy Anniversary!!! I just love this blog and I am looking forward to the changes and continuing to read all of the excellent stuff on here!!

Happy Anniversary and thanks for all you do! This site is already awesome and I’m sure it will be even more fabulous.

Wow, doesn’t seem all that many years ago that baby FHO was born. Looking forward to seeing FHO continue to grow and evolve.
Congrats my friend!

You are an incredible resource person, teacher and trainer. Whenever I lecture or teach a SANE-A course I always provide your site as a phenomenal resource and wealth of information!
Marshall on!

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