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Since Last We Spoke, 1-12-16

I know, I know–these are Monday posts, and it is distinctly not Monday. Apologies, but I spent my weekend motoring to the finish line to complete the draft of a paper for a project that has consumed my life as of late. I turned it in yesterday, so I am just starting to dig out today. As I wait to board a flight to Austin to spend some quality time with my favorite group of JAGs, here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

Have you been watching Making of a Murderer? A perspective worth reading (Spoilers)

How we learn fairness

This is a tough, but good read about one woman’s experience with violence throughout her life

Increasingly looking to the civil courts for some amount of justice

Palm to forehead. Clearly he doesn’t see what we see…

Sadness. No, really.

The funny thing about abusive relationships

Teamwork doesn’t always seem to benefit women

Hate hearing about this

This is a moving (and unexpected) perspective

Okay, I’ve been to 9 of these. Time to get some leisure travel on the books.

I started my career here as a counselor. I wouldn’t be where I am today had I not worked there. Glad to see them still fighting for women’s health.

Anyone out there using Peach yet? Thinking about checking it out…