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More Neurobiology of Trauma Training

Seems like there’s a lot of training on the neurobiology of trauma as of late (not complaining). Here’s another one coming up, this time hosted by the National Crime Victim Law Institute. It will be held January 28th from 12-1:30pm PT (apologies for the late notice). Click through for details:

From the site:

All too often, behaviors of victims cause the public and those in the criminal justice system to doubt a victim’s story. In fact, it is not uncommon to hear someone decry a victim for “not acting like a victim.” This webinar will discuss the impact of trauma on the brain and how understanding this impact can help explain seemingly counterintuitive behavior of victims. Among the behaviors that appear counter-intuitive and which will be discussed: perceived exaggerated fear responses of domestic violence victims; victims of domestic violence and sexual assault continuing to spend time with their perpetrator; non- or delayed disclosure of one’s victimization; and flat affect when discussing the details of one’s victimization. Case examples will be used and participants will not only gain an understanding of the “why” of some behaviors but also leave ready to explain the same to others, including courts through expert testimony.

Presented by: Meg Garvin, JD, Director, National Crime Victim Law Institute

Facilitated by: Christopher Wilson, Psy.D.