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Since Last We Spoke, 2-15-16

I’m on my way to Kaiserslautern, Germany, so posts on FHO could be sporadic this week. My work hours will be unpredictable at best, so let’s play it by ear, shall we? Sitting in the airport always gives me time to peruse my social media sites, so here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Love that DC passed this bill; what a boon for the patients we serve

A little late for Valentine’s Day, but funny nonetheless.

The potentially unforeseen impact of the Cosby case?

When the shooting happens in a hospital

And in my backyard…

Training for happiness

A trend I support

How successful people ask questions

Interesting idea

New project targeting online abuse and harassment 

Say what you will about Justice Scalia, their friendship was remarkable

And finally, I might be the last person in the US to see this video, but it’s as brilliant a PSA as I’ve seen in some time: