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Since Last We Spoke, Leap Day Edition

A whole week at home is what I have to look forward to this week, so I am taking advantage of every minute while I’m here. Lots of home cooked meals, long runs with the dog, and some entertaining at the house for me. Oh, and lots of work. The projects don’t seem to be slowing down (not a complaint), but I did manage to keep an eye on my social media feeds (including live tweets from the Oscars); here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

Saving teens from traffickers

The inherent sexism that Viagra exposes

Have you been tracking Kesha’s court case?



Some fascinating STI-related science for you

In my backyard…so many lives ruined by domestic violence

A cool list of resources

An interesting take on the encryption debate

Some food for thought

By now you’ve surely heard about Lady Gaga’s stunning performance last night

For victim’s of sexual violence, it seems this year’s Oscars were particularly relevant, not only because of the Best Song (VP Biden!) category, but also, Best Picture