Forensic Nurse Internship Opportunity

I don’t typically post live educational opportunities, but this is a really fantastic one: an internship for forensic nurses who would like to pursue criminal defense work. Click through for all of the details:

Delaware Office of Defense Services (ODS) is pleased to announce a formal internship program for forensic nurses interested in perusing work in criminal defense.  This is an opportunity to intern in the first nurse run forensic unit in an indigent defense agency in the U.S.! Applications are being currently accepted. The program starts in late May / early June 2016.

The program is designed to expose students to all aspects of criminal defense. Nurse interns are assigned within the forensic unit and are closely supervised by a MSN level Forensic Nurse Consultant or a MSN / JD Forensic Nurse. Nurse interns are assigned actual case work commensurate with their experience and specialty area. Assignments may include medical record outlines, autopsy review, analyzing photographs of injuries and crime scenes, assessment of toxicology reports and research on medical and forensic topics. In addition nurse interns may assist in reviewing healthcare records for the Death Penalty Mitigation Unit. Along with assigned case work interns will have the opportunity to discuss their case findings with trial attorneys, and observe court sessions.

The program will work alongside our law clerk program which in past years has included formalized lecture on criminal law topics, visits to a prison, state forensic science lab, work release program and state supreme court.  Students may also participate in a mock trial with law clerks.

Internships are available in ODS offices located in either New Castle County or rotating between Kent and Sussex County Delaware.

Please see for more details and information on the time commitment required as well as how to apply.