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Since Last We Spoke, 4-4-16

After a lovely week in the mountains with my kid, I am back at home for a startling 3 weeks(ish), finding all of the travel scheduled for this month either postponed or otherwise resolved. No complaints because it is full-on spring in DC, one of the loveliest times of the year here. I spent *a lot* of time hanging out in airports on Saturday, so plenty of time to peruse my social media streams. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month: additional ideas here and here 

(but maybe not hereabstract)

Also this–do better

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month: more here, here, and here 

What makes women deny rape


Sex education fails queer and trans kids

And they’re missing from some critical research

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The challenges of being a public defender

Reminder: I am unapologetically pro-choice