Sexual Assault

Since Last We Spoke, 4-11-16

We were focused on the social this weekend–catching up with friends and planning a get-together for Tuesday evening (not to mention planning the menu for our first Seder later this month). Yesterday had its lazy moments, though, and for the first time in a long time, we sat in front of our fireplace (because it’s *snowed* this weekend) and read the NYT cover to cover. Divine. Plenty of good reads, so here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:


I would hang several of these in my house

As a freelancer who has been stiffed on several occasions (I’m looking at you, Indiana), this certainly resonated

Also as a freelancer, I can totally get behind this code of honor (language)

A good start

A fascinating concept

Several of you posted this

…and this (so, so good)

Urban-rural mortality gap

Ok, you’ve got my attention

Healthcare disparities

Other kinds of disparities, as well

All of this makes my head and heart hurt

Insert giant eye roll here

With all of the repugnant legislation cropping up around the US, now seems like a good time for a brief guide on language

Kindred spirits