Sexual Assault

Real-life SARTS Evaluating Changes in the System Response

The Sexual Violence Justice Institute at MNCASA is hosting a webinar, Are We Making a Difference? Real-life SARTs Evaluating Changes in the System Response. The session will be held May 16th from 12-1:30pm (I’m assuming CT). Space is limited so register earlier rather than later. Click through for details:

From the site:

How DO you know if your SART is making a difference for victim/survivors of sexual assault? Where should we start? How do I engage my team in evaluation? Join us for this engaging webinar to get some basic tools and hear from SART leaders about how they made their evaluations work!

During this webinar we will review the 4 steps of a program evaluation: the plan-do-reflect-apply cycle. It is designed to increase knowledge of program evaluation and provide participants examples of how the steps of evaluation is done in everyday life, as well as in multidisciplinary teams. Team leaders will share specific strategies to assess change in practice and collect system-level data.


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