DV/IPV Testimony

Preparing for your First Case as a Domestic Violence Expert Witness

Readers on this site love their testimony resources, so here’s another: the National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women is offering a webinar, Preparing for Your First Case As a Domestic Violence Expert Witness (PDF). The session will be held June 13th from 3-4:30pm ET. Click through for details:

From the announcement:

This webinar is intended to help new expert witnesses (who will be providing general testimony on domestic violence and/or sexual assault) be as prepared as possible when they take the stand for the first time. The webinar will provide a “to-do” list that aspiring experts can use to help them negotiate the court setting, organize their thoughts and information, and respond to questions about their training and experience. In addition, participants will hear some examples of common pitfalls faced by new experts, and tips for handling them.

Presenters will discuss a) how to prepare even before taking your first case; b) what you need from the proffering attorney; c) why it’s important to sharpen up your teaching skills; d) putting your “tool kit” together; e) getting ready for voir dire/qualification; and f) types of practical logistical information you’ll need before going to court.

Register here.