Sexual Assault

Exploring Forensic DNA Evidence in Complex Cases of Sexual Violence

An interesting webinar coming up next week: Exploring Forensic DNA Evidence in Complex Cases of Sexual Violence. This webinar is being offered by Physicians for Human Rights on June 13th, at 10:30am ET, and appears to focus on areas that don’t have access to traditional medical-forensic exams. Click through for all the details:

From the site:

DNA evidence is routinely used to support sexual violence investigations in the United States and Europe, and can be a powerful tool for identifying perpetrators and providing valuable intelligence to investigators. Yet DNA evidence can be difficult to recover, because it requires access to medical facilities and trained professionals who can conduct forensic medical examinations. Sensitivity in analyzing DNA evidence is crucial, as the usefulness of the evidence is often limited in cases where the perpetrator and victim are acquaintances.

In this webinar, Dr. Lisa Smith and Dr. Clare Gunby will discuss innovative methods for DNA recovery that can be useful in regions and circumstances in which victims do not have access to traditional medical examinations.