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Since Last We Spoke: 6-13-16

Another Monday morning post, another long list of articles about the latest mass shooting. Only this one has the distinction of being the worst the US has ever seen, and this was my community that was targeted. The only thing we could do yesterday was head down to the Pride Festival here in DC and stand in solidarity with so many. But not surprisingly, what I have spent most of my time reading are the stories that have stemmed from yet more senseless gun violence. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:


We’ve done nothing to address this epidemic

The scope of the carnage

The Sentinel’s front page this morning

No surprise: a history of domestic violence

I just can’t with this guy anymore

But I can’t get enough of this one

And yet there is hope…

I always find her words comforting

Everything else:

Being dishonest about ugliness

Such sadness in this childhood

Love this man and how he’s influenced the national conversation


Mistrust of science

How to be a good board member