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Since Last We Spoke, 6-20-16

It was lovely to spend the weekend outdoors, with my spouse and kid–we managed to get the kayaks on the water yesterday, there was grilling, dog walking, and many treats from our local farmers market. Very cathartic after these last several weeks. I’m headed out west to give a few talks (Jackson Hole, with a brief stopover in Eagle, CO) tomorrow morning, so we’ll see what the week brings here on the site. Until then, here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Happy father’s day to all the fathers

And love to those for whom this day is complicated–or worse

Guns [sigh]

Who knew?!

The epitome of gay hatred

Related: violence starts at home

Whatever it takes

I love when the script is flipped

And a shoutout to my hometown, the 216: