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Since Last We Spoke, 7-11-16 (+ a Winner!)

I’m on my way down to Columbia, SC, to the National Advocacy Center for our annual testimony course (looking forward to seeing some of you there, btw). I’ll try and keep postings regular, but it’s sometimes tough when you’re teaching all week. Thanks to all of you who posted for last week’s giveaway (and to the many of you who emailed questions about CVs and related issues); our winner is Taneika Torres. Taneika, please email me so we can connect about your CV (or if it won’t be you, who you plan on handing the service off to). In the meantime, Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

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As a frequent traveler I particularly like “depaysement

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I tried to get in the class but was denied. I know it will be great, as Jenn is great teacher. Everyone enjoy.

Thanks, Les. We put it on annually, so please apply next time. And to provide a little bit of inside baseball–if you apply along with one of the prosecutors from your community you increase your odds of getting in. We always have a long wait list every year, though.

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