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Since Last We Spoke, 7-18-16

Heading to Salt Lake City tomorrow for a quick gig with the Army, so today’s a short post. World events made me want to avoid the interwebs at all cost, so there wasn’t much reading this weekend. Instead my father in law was in town, so we did DC-touristy things, like a Pentagon tour (I’ve been to meetings in the Pentagon, but never actually done the tour), caught a baseball game, and knocked out some home repairs. That’s not to say I stayed offline completely–here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Interesting take on non-profit existence

Truckers doing their part

I seriously don’t want to hear “not all men” in response to this. Yeah, we know. Doesn’t change the reality.

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Science is facing some problems

Proud of my hometown

If you have some time for a podcast: Choosing curiosity over fear