The Long-Term Consequences of Strangulation

Join the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention on September 14th at 10am MT for their webinar, The Long-Term Consequences of Strangulation. The session will be taught by Gael Strack and Bill Smock. Click through for details:

From the registration:

There is mounting evidence in the medical literature that intimate partner violence, including strangulation, has long-term negative health consequences for survivors. This impact, what Dr. Ellen Taliaferro terms the “Pandora Effect”, lingers long after the bruises fade, the bones mend, and the abuse is over. Still, many victims, their friends and relatives, and those who serve them in the domestic violence advocacy, medical and law enforcement communities fail to understand how significantly this lingering footprint of violence is affecting their well-being and ability to carry on a normal life. Dr. Smock will share the top 25 long term health consequences of strangulation and Gael Strack will discuss now professionals can mitigate their impact through advocacy and new tools.