DV/IPV Sexual Assault

Since Last We Spoke, 9-26-16

I am on my way to DET, and then I will be heading to DEN where I am looking forward to seeing so many of you. I hope to run into many of you at my testimony sessions (one with Leslie Hagan, one solo), which I have been told are both full (so come early to get a seat). And before people ask, no, Sasha will not be with me this year (for the 1st time in 7 years)–her current gig makes it difficult for her to travel to non-DOJ events, so there you go. Sad panda face. No surprise if I don’t post steadily this week, right? I will try and tweet where I can–follow the conference at #4N6RN. In any event, in between working on stuff for the new site and my talks for these next 2 conferences (so. much. new. content.), here’s a peak at what I’ve been reading since last we spoke:

I got lost in all of these photos

I’m tired of talking about sexual assault

Domestic violence as economic issue

When it’s your sister

I’m certain many can relate

More from the sexism files

Love this report

Don’t know if I’m the last person to watch this

Oh, StoryCorps: