Welcome to the New FHO!

Welcome to the new, improved Forensic Healthcare Online! As we approach FHO’s 8th birthday, I thought it was time to spruce things up a bit. Here’s what you’ll find on the redesigned site:

  • More focused content: FHO readers have their favorite areas and now it’s easier than ever to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s DV/IPV, sexual assault, child abuse, elder abuse or court testimony.
  • More organization: the popular stuff leads, but nothing should be tough to find with clear categories and a pleasing lay out. All regular blog posts can now be found under Articles.
  • More consistent clinical guides: on the old site, clinical guides were all over the map, design-wise, making it harder to find what you needed. Now all clinical guides have one format, for a streamlined look that’s easier to read.
  • More responsiveness: check out how FHO looks on phones and tablets. Nice, right? Now you won’t miss out on content or functionality when you visit FHO on a mobile device.
  • More content: coming soon to FHO—an online store with resources that take your practice to the next level, whether in the exam room or the courtroom. Peer-reviewed, available for download to computers or mobile devices, and regularly updated. All of the things you’ve come to expect from FHO, just more of it.

To celebrate the launch of the new FHO site, let’s give something away, shall we? Leave a comment with feedback about the new look, and on Friday, 28 October one reader’s comment will be chosen at random to win either a copy of the Forensic Nursing Core Curriculum or a $50 Amazon gift card. THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. THANKS ALL WHO ENTERED. I encourage you to take some time to really poke around the site—I’ll be fine-tuning as we identify issues in this next week, so by all means, let me know if you spot a problem. (I’ve spotted one of the 1st ones—the bulk of comments from the old site haven’t yet transferred to the new one).

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to thank my spouse, Sasha Rutizer, JD, and my father, Alan Markowitz, MD, who have supported my work on this site since its inception. Both have been unwavering in their encouragement and provided terrific suggestions about next steps and ways to get there. And a special thank you to my merry crew (you know who you are) who have weighed in on logo choices and other design elements, cheered on the evolution of FHO and just generally make me a better clinician, educator and writer. I have had the great, good fortune to have wonderful collaborators, mentors and friends in my twenty plus years in this field.

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Your new site is GORGEOUS!! Love the color scheme, love the monochrome photos, love the whole look. Great work.

Absolutely love the new look😊. I especially like that we are able to read a few lines about each article before opening to see in it’s entirety. Thank you for all you do 😊

Absolutely love the new format. I always encourage colleagues and new examiners to come to the site for news, updates and opportunities for knowledge sharing. Now it will be even easier to get around. Great job Jen!!

Thank you! Truly appreciate the new linking process especially for clinical guides. I send colleagues and students to this site frequently and this format will be easier for the non-forensic nurse to use.

I reference this site frequently. I love the new look! We all benefit from all that you share on FHO. Thank you Jen for all you do!

LOVE the new website. It is awesome. I find it easier to to navigate. Thanks for all you do!!!!!

After 35 years of nursing I am now a certified case manager, certified disability management specialist, advanced legal nurse consultant, certified product safety specialist, certified legal nurse investigator and a certified forensic criminal evidence analyst. While I am interested in child and elderly abuse, I own a horse ranch and rescue dogs so I’m also interested in animal abuse. I was thrilled to find your website. All this education and now to put it to practical use. I’m sure I will be utilizing your information frequently.

Well done with the new FHO website! I look forward to my daily feed via email which links me to directly to your page. The color scheme is pleasing to my eyes and I love the new logo! The design has been simplified and it is very easy to navigate. I am celebrating 8 years with FHO too. Thank you!

Thanks so much Jen! … Here’s to the HOURS of work you had to put into this – can’t imagine it was a small task.

I was introduced to this site by Kim Nash at a SANE clinical skills lab in Colorado this week. I never saw the old site, so I don’t have much to offer in comparison, but just looking around I can tell this site will be an invaluable resource going forward, particularly for up-to-date clinical research. Thank you for making it available to use!

I have been following and learning from your site for about 4 years now since meeting you and Sasha at the IAFN conference- you always have the latest and greatest updates and information. Your site is so much easier (and pleasant)to follow and navigate than trying to find all this new and important information through multiple sites. I appreciate the passion and hard work you have put into the site and all that you do!

LOVE the site, sorry to see the Canada section go but understand, might give me incentive to do one for Canada :). Thank you Jen for being such a wonderful resource to so many forensic nurses globally.

Yes, I was sorry to see it go too, but the truth is I couldn’t give it the attention it deserved, so I let that part go in the redesign. But I hope you do decide to create one specific to Canadian Forensic Nursing, and obviously I hope the Canadian forensic nurses continue to visit FHO 🙂

This is amazing, eloquent, and very informative! It is very organized and gentle on the eyes and on the brain. JPW recommended your site in SANE training and I look forward to the variety of topics and articles your site covers each week! Only one suggestion…and maybe because I have a professional interest….what do you think about adding Human Trafficking to the featured topics to explore as you have so cleverly organized resources by topics of interest?
I appreciate you supporting the forensic nursing community so that we may in turn best serve our patients. Thank you for your beautiful site and your continuous hard work!

Hi Jen, Great visual and user-friendly design. FHO has long been my go-to site when I am seeking up to date, relevant, evidence-based information! Thank you for sharing your passion. I LOVE introducing others to FHO.

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