Since Last We Spoke (and a Giveaway Winner!)

Greetings to you all, and a good Monday morning–my hometown baseball team is up in the World Series 3-2 and we are a mere 9 days from this election being over, one way or another. Here’s hoping you had a lovely weekend, wherever you spent it. A continued trial means I am unexpectedly at home this week with nothing scheduled (but plenty to do), so I’m looking forward to that. Also, congratulations to Christianna Peterson, the winner of the latest giveaway.

Here’s what I’ve been reading since last we spoke:

It’s like we’ve just discovered contraceptives have side effects that can be unpleasant

Somewhat related

Life skills no one taught you

Be a leader people want to follow

I have seriously mixed feelings on this

News from Baylor just keeps getting worse and worse

In other football news…

We’ll end this list on a positive note: