Since Last We Spoke, Thanksgiving 2016 Edition

This may be one of my favorite weeks of the year–my family is serious about cooking, so we are hard core about our Thanksgiving meal. Invariably my parents’ table includes an assortment of medical students, residents and/or attendings who had nowhere to go for the evening. This year, aside from my little brother and his family, my girl-child and spouse, there will also be an Israeli doc and his family who are relatively new to the whole Thanksgiving circus. It’s absolutely the best.

I was in trial last week and had company over the weekend, so I stayed off the computer for as much as I could. Still, a few things caught my eye since last we spoke:

Well, this is appalling

46,000 donations already

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May be the only thing to get me through the next 4 years

Quick, get that IUD!

Moving essay in honor of Transgender Remembrance Day

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