Since Last We Spoke, 11-28-16

Hope you had a lovely (extended) weekend. We had a great holiday, and although our trip home took 2.5 hours longer than normal (thanks, DC traffic), Hamilton might just be the chillest pup around. He slept the whole way home, and still slept most of the night.

This week brings us our annual team member gift guide, which I hope to have live in the next couple days. But 1st, here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:


A beautifully written piece on race in the US


Also: self-care as an act of political warfare

Plausible alternatives to incarcerating women

How to spot a fake news site

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday–how-to, even if you can’t

A different type of portrayal of domestic violence survivors

What we need right now: more compassion

Not the solution we need right now

This. Is. So. Good.

Everyday tips for everyday people

And finally, some light during dark times:

{Sigh–watching the active shooter news unfolding at OSU as I go to post this. Madness.}