Since Last We Spoke, Holiday 2016 Edition

Oh hey–it’s the week before Christmas (how did that happen?!). I will be working this week, but hopefully next week is vacation time, so that’s where my brain is right now (#freelancerproblems). I had a relatively lazy weekend, what with the ice storm that hit DC on Saturday. So much surfing of the web occurred. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Merriam-Webster’s word of 2016 is pretty spot on

Speaking of the word of 2016, I cannot believe I might need have to actually worry about this


Overcoming rejection

Leadership hacks worth considering

Why not say what you mean?

The problem with Exceptional Women

So-called identity politics are more than some made-up liberal construct

Fake news, deconstructed

The powerful new cover story from NatGeo

I love Jessica Luther’s work on sexual violence

There’s a whole group of docs who are going to hate this study

I was just introduced to this quote and I am 100% certain nothing has ever been more true

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Thanks, Jen for all of these. The surreal word of the year describes the “Alice through the looking glass” sensation that has been going on and on.

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