Since Last We Spoke, MLK Day 2017

It’s a bit surreal in DC this week, so in the name of self-care, Sasha and I played hooky for a bit today. We hit the National Geographic museum to check out their Instagram exhibit (it was amazing), ran into one of our faves, Sen. Cory Booker, randomly walking down the street (also amazing), grabbed an over the top lunch in Adams Morgan, and then hit the Women’s March pop-up shop on the same block for some swag (oh, we’ve got swag). Not surprisingly, we’ll be in attendance on Saturday–if you’re coming to town for the March let me know (especially if you’re staying the weekend). Would be fun to convene for coffee and donuts Sunday morning before folks head back. And if you’re looking for suggestions of [other] cool things to do when in town, drop me a line.

It’s hard for me to look away from my Twitter feed these days (and probably for the next 4 years), so there was plenty to capture my attention since last we spoke. Here’s just some of it:

In honor of the day

Some of these would actually be great for Saturday

In all seriousness, if you’re looking for signage (or just cool art)

If you’re looking for a Sister March

Multitasking is a myth

What is their pain worth? [Shudder]

I love this concept and its attendant lyricism–heroism of incremental care

Making the most of a mentor

I’m really going to miss this man

An interesting exploration of “normal America

Of course, we already knew language matters

These memes NEVER get old:

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Have fun on Sat, and be safe!!! I and another (DCFNE) colleague will be watching and cheering on from MWHC! Can’t wait to see the photos, the posters and hear about the pulse of the event!

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