Thank You, Mr. President

Tomorrow is Inauguration Day.

But today–well, today was a day spent with a diverse group of professionals committed to being better. Serving our patients better, responding better. It was the very first meeting in what undoubtedly will be quite a journey and I was really pleased to be at the table. And then I got home and looked at the enormous number of emails and messages waiting for me, many of which told some version of this story.

Whether it happens, I do know that things I have loved and admired about President Obama are going to be absent from the next administration. Has he been a perfect president? Nope. But he’s been a very good one in so many ways, and the life I have now is maybe not the life I would have had if someone else had been in the White House these past 8 years. Personally or professionally.

I have no idea what next looks like–I have read plenty on Twitter and Facebook that we shouldn’t despair since we haven’t yet experienced the new administration in action. But as was also pointed out in my feeds, you don’t need to experience the plague, or a natural disaster or being trapped on an elevator with a full bladder to innately understand it’s not going to be a positive experience.

Tomorrow night I’m going to a Resistance party, and Saturday I will march with thousands of people from all over the country. And come Monday I will step up, continue to speak my mind, advocate for my patients and work at being better.

Fitting then, this. Thank you, Mr. President.

Fired Up from Dan Fipphen on Vimeo.

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