Since Last We Spoke, 2-6-17

This week open up my hard core travel season, with travel scheduled 8 out of the next 11 weeks. I’m thoroughly pleased to be heading to Monterey, CA to join my favorite military law nerds for a course we’re teaching there, and then we head into court martial season. So as always, I promise to try and keep posts as regular as possible, but you know this story, so please bear with me.

I had the kiddo with me this weekend, so I spent way more time playing offline than on. But here’s what did catch my eye since last we spoke:

February is Black History month; here’s a lesson for our president

Also, apropos


A long, difficult, but excellent read about the Roof trial

Nice to see us talk about the neurobiology of trauma in broader circles

How the president’s ban may make it harder to find providers

Hey, this is me!

Here’s something you probably don’t know about me: I get the NY Times delivered on Sundays, and the 1st section I read is the Wedding section. I have been reading Sasha the gay and military weddings since we got together, every Sunday, no matter where one of us is in the world. And then we read the main wedding story. I can’t explain it (perhaps it’s just a nice escape from the realities of our world–I’m going to chalk it up to self-care anyway), but this tradition is why we chose to put our own wedding announcement there, too. So I was delighted to read the story of the 1st African-American couple to be featured in the Times Wedding section, back in 1956. They’re actually doing a retrospective of their 165 years of weddings, so it’s been a fun read every weekend (after the gay, military, and main weddings, naturally).

Did you watch the Superbowl? We didn’t, but I did catch the half-time show online, and of course, the many commercials. This was one of my faves:

But, this–oh man (and Sisterhood!)