Since Last We Spoke, 3-6-17

Headed to San Antonio this morning to teach–it was great to get home a day early last week, but that still gave me exactly 2 days before having to repack and head out. As it stands now, I’ll have another 2 days once I return before I head out again, so everything feels like a sprint, including my social media consumption. Confession: I’ve been really trying to limit perusing my twitter feed as an act of self-care. But sometimes a girl just can’t help herself–so here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

Mourning Norma McCorvey

Jane Fonda discusses the sexual violence in her life (among other things)

Ugh–how is this still going on?

Not a fan (at all) of this site, but I did find this piece about conflict fascinating

I’ll be working/traveling on a Day Without A Womanhere are some good tips for what to do if you are in the same boat

Maybe you could just ask your partner what’s working (and what’s not) instead?

What a great idea

See what’s happened in your lifetime

The unintended consequences of the rise in deportations

On my reading list

Yep, got it: predict your future