Since Last We Spoke, 4-17-17

These last 6 weeks make me feel like I have been neglectful, so it’s great to be back among my FHO readers. London was a blast, albeit a fast one, and I definitely feel recharged and ready to return to my previously scheduled life. Which is good, because I hit the ground running. Many of you are in Orlando this week at EVAWI, but alas, I cannot join you there; I’ll be in Philly with many of my favorite lawyers, teaching for the Army. In any event, time off affords one the ability to peruse the interwebs at length, so here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

Cleveland, my heart breaks

Love seeing our colleagues’ good work in the news

The One-Sided Gun War of the Sexes

Marine Corps needs to address their misogyny problem

Good for DC

Giving new meaning to moble clinics

Also, Nevada

This totally resonated with me (for obvious reasons)

Calculated misery

Finally, one of the best things we did in London was catch the West End production of Kinky Boots (and were lucky enough to have the Olivier-winning actor who plays Lola still in the cast). If you have the opportunity to see it, I highly recommend. We all *loved* it. This was one of the best numbers by far: