Child Abuse

Supporting Deaf Child Survivors of Sexual Abuse

KIDSta has an upcoming webinar, Supporting Deaf Child Survivors of Sexual Abuse. The session will be held May 19th at 2pm ET. From the announcement:

Research has shown that Deaf children experience abuse and neglect at rates 1.5-3 times higher than hearing children. Compounding this problem, Deaf children experience an array of communication and cultural barriers when getting support from victim services, medical providers, and the criminal justice system. In this training, participants will learn about Deaf culture and communities in the United States and the implications for providing effective services and supports to Deaf survivors. Presenters will share research on the sexual abuse of Deaf children and discuss the many challenges these children face when getting support. Practical skills and resources will be shared to address these barriers and provide services that are culturally and linguistically specific.

Register for the webinar here.