Since Last We Spoke, 5-8-17 (Nurses Week Edition)

Happy Monday–I’m sitting in the United¬†Club at DCA as I post this, waiting to board a flight to Nashville (well, to ORD and then Nashville, since my original flight got cancelled. But hey, I get to eat at my favorite airport eatery in the US, so all good). Looking forward to teaching smart, interesting colleagues this week, so even though I will hit 3 cities by week’s end, I’m thoroughly looking forward to what’s ahead. And since I’m traveling, you know I have some time for surfing–here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

Happy nurses week to all my friends and colleagues. IAFN is offering a freebie for members, and it’s a good one.

Feelings at work

Seriously, our job announcements are dreadful

Still so much work to be done. (Related)

This is perfection

Definitely a lesson for providers

Guilty (got to stop this)

What a lovely bubble he must live in

Also, this (rolls eyes, lights hair on fire, considers which part of Canada I might enjoy living in most)

FGM–what does it do to a woman?