Since Last We Spoke, 5-22-17

Greetings from Ft Sill, OK, where I have been working all weekend. Not much time online, with the exception of hanging around in airports. Still, plenty to read when I checked my feeds– some uplifting, some bleak. And I see that many of you are at Crimes Against Women in Dallas. Hope you all enjoy yourselves, that’s an enjoyable one. For everyone else, here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

Decidedly not good news for crime victims

We should have listened to the broken teenagers...

No surprise, this

Who should you listen to on abortion?

The impact of poverty on a life (the title alone…)

A deeper dive on the crisis of gun violence (and IPV)

The impact of the current healthcare bill on the lives of children

All I have is heartbreak and rage (and bewilderment that this story isn’t even bigger)

Finally, animation about how early trauma impacts a child’s brain: