Since Last We Spoke, 7-3-17

Hope all of my Canadian readers had a lovely Canada Day; and a happy 4th to US FHO readers! We will be eating (and drinking) with our Army friends and possibly finishing the evening watching fireworks on the docks where our neighbors keep their sailboat. While today was meant to be a work day, turns out, not so much. But I did spend time surfing the web; here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

The voices of genderqueer and nonbinary survivors

The title of this article could be enough

Marine Corps, trying to find a way past their toxic masculinity issues

Save free speech from the trolls

You know I love me a good packing guide

I can’t recall why I initially clicked on this, but I”m glad I did

Thinking about all the 1st responders in the Bronx last week

Related: no surprise his past includes violence against women

#Seriously (aka, the view from DC right now)

Bookmarked for my nights on the road when jetlag is kicking my ass