Legislative Advocacy for Nonprofit Organizations

As the Chair of IAFN’s Government Affairs Committee, one of my favorite opportunities is being on the Hill, talking with legislators and staffers about the issues important to clinicians, our patients, and the profession in general. This year’s Lobby Day saw its biggest draw (thanks, in part, to the inaugural¬†Leadership Day that preceded it), so I know I’m not alone in enjoying the process. However, we have fielded questions about lobbying for people who work for nonprofit agencies and/or receive federal grant dollars, and saw a few people not come because of concerns. So I was really pleased to see VAWnet has a new special collection on legislative advocacy for nonprofit organizations that target these specific issues. If you are considering joining us for the 2018 Leadership and Lobby Days here in DC (dates to be announced), or thinking about participating in another lobbying opportunity, I would encourage you to check out the information to make sure you (and your organization’s leadership) understand the left and right limits of your advocacy.