Since Last We Spoke, 8-7-17

Greetings from week 2 in the CLE. For those of you in the area I will be giving a somewhat impromptu testimony talk this Thursday, August 10th from 6-8pm at the Cleveland Clinic Building in Independence:

As I mentioned last week, I am spending a couple weeks with kiddo and family, which has been relatively relaxing, but also tough for maintaining focus. Here’s what’s distracted me caught my eye since last we spoke:

Well this is a distressing news item

Leave Title IX be

More on tonic immobility in sexual assault

[Reads article, goes back to bed]


Good eyes, good job

Not certain this is the right question, but it certainly needs to be discussed

Hurt my heart and made me miss T even more

Probably funnier to me than it will be to many of you because my teenager talks JUST LIKE THIS