Since Last We Spoke, 8-14-17

Well, on the one hand, I’m back in DC after 2 long weeks away from my wife, so that’s wonderful. On the other hand, let’s face it–this weekend was a dumpster fire, as far as current events go. What we saw in Charlottesville, a place I know and love, a place where many of my friends live and have lived, has me angry and afraid. My own words seem pretty impotent, so I spent much of the last 48 hours retweeting people more eloquent and frankly, more informed, than me and donating money to a variety of organizations and individuals who were injured or killed, on their crowdfunding pages (you can find a variety of them here. Also, see this one. And some good links throughout this essay.) Not nearly enough, but what I’ve been able to do thus far.

Let’s hope that this week shines a bit more light in our world. Way too much darkness these days. Here’s what I”ve been reading since last we spoke:

So much written on C-ville, but this piece speaks to us directly in the nonprofit world

And because I am a woman of science

And a 1st person account from one of our own

[It’s all related]

On a different note, something empowering

See also

Same old, same old, sports people

Not heartening

But this is

I feel like I deserve several of these today alone

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Thank you for that link. I think about how heartbroken, angry and incredulous my grandfather Ben would be if he could see that the same messages and attitudes of hate with which he was confronted as an Army officer during WWII are rampant today.

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