Updates from the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention

Can I confess something? I went to put together my list of articles for the weekly Since Last We Spoke post yesterday and–I just. Couldn’t. I’m so tired of reading the catalog of sexual misconduct that is coming out every day (a wonderfully privileged thing for me to be able to do–simply ignore stories of sexual misconduct), I couldn’t bring myself to do another post dominated by it. But seriously–it’s all I’ve been reading as of late. Accounts or responses to those accounts.

So we’ll get right into the meat of the week. Starting with a webinar recapping 2017: Updates from the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention. The session will be held January 9th at 1pm ET. From the website:

Strangulation impacts all professionals working on sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking cases. Today, we know unequivocally that strangulation is one of the most lethal forms of domestic violence. Unconsciousness may occur within seconds and death within minutes. During this webinar, Casey Gwinn, JD, Gael Strack, JD, and Dr. William Smock will discuss lessons learned, best practices, and resources available for family violence and sexual assault professionals.

Subtopics will include:

– Findings from our survivor focus group

– New Medical Radiological Evaluation Recommendations from the Medical Advisory Board

– Best practices for identifying, documenting, investigating, and prosecuting strangulation cases

– Emerging issues in the field – medical, legal and advocacy trends

– Implementing new and existing legislation: Moving the dial in 2017

Register here.


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