Since Last We Spoke, 3-5-18

I’m heading to San Antonio this week for a few days with the Army, but before I hop on a plane, here are a couple things from my weekend. One, a bit of insight: if you are going to play Cards Against Humanity, know that forensic nurses are uniquely situated to crush this game. We possess the perfect combination of appreciation for dark humor, and exposure to the vernacular of the day that allows us to dominate our opponents. I played with 3 prosecutors, a judge and a law enforcement analyst. I was a force 🙂 Second, if you haven’t seen Black Panther yet, get yourself to the theater. It was So. Good. Satisfying in every way.

Also, I read (and listened to) a few fascinating things on the interwebs this weekend. Here’s what caught my attention since last we spoke:

This made me feel a bit teary

These teens will save us all. Here’s part of the reason why they’re good at this.

How important is luck?

How much will we as a country lose out on if we don’t take action?

New WHO guidelines on the rights of women during childbirth

True character

A review of gun research

Why mansplaining is still a thing

How to keep going

Finally, if you have the time, I encourage you to listen to this piece. It’s very insightful, and terribly well done.


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